Works of 2017



The postmodern depth of modernist flatness (L´espace morcelé)/A Room of One´s Own

The Impossible No. 5/The Kiss

Modernist Triptychon No. 4/The abstraction of Kitsch

The Impossible No. 4/Parallel perspectives

The Impossible No. 3/The Idealist

The Impossible No. 2/The Realist

Language Games/Abstract Expressionism

The Impossible No. 1/The Illusionist


Who´s afraid of canvaslessness No. 3/Don´t cross the red line (Ambivaleur)


The unbearable lightness No. 3/Evelyne (Nationalgalerie)

Choose your language No. 1/A brief summary about the long and painful history of racism in the U.S.A., other english and non-english words and a self-description

Schwarz auf Weiss No. 2/The singularities or at least the confusion between conscious things and object-like beings

Schwarz auf Weiss No. 1/The Optimist and the Pessimist

Modernist Triptychon No. 3/Happiness is despite the void

Modernist Triptychon No. 2/The unbearable lightness No. 2

The unbearable lightness No. 1/Moodlight