Works of 2018




The unbearable lightness No. 6/xS and Xl


Monochrome depth No. 4/Viktor Vasarely


Carved lines No. 2/Sine curves No. 2


Carved lines No. 1/Sine curves No. 1


Étant donné: l´origine du monde No. 2/Newman No. 2


Étant donné: l´origine du monde No. 1/Newman No. 1


Stripes No. 2/Behind bars


Stripes No. 1/Boncuk


Monochrome depth No. 3/Sea


Retrograde No. 2/Free at last


Grenzen der Welt/Black boxes


Neuere Deutschstunde (nach Lenz)/Who´s afraid of red, yellow and light blue?


Retrograde No. 1/Fell on black days


Monochrome depth No. 2/Sky


Monochrome depth No. 1/Josef Albers


The unbearable lightness No. 5/Layers


A center of existence/Metaphysical subject


The unbearable lightness No. 4/Joy & pain




Two sides of a story/Strictly easy